ANSWER: Because 3D Virtual Reality Cloud meetings save money, increase revenues, and produce happiness hormones!

I’m sure there are plenty more reasons in favor of 3D Virtual Reality Cloud meetings, but I’ve observed that these three cover a lot of territory in the interpersonal dynamics of just about every workplace.

3D Virtual Reality Cloud meetings are not only trending across the country – and specifically, in real estate brokerages – but I predict they will eventually go viral to the point where every business, organization, association, school district, church, charity, and government agency will have to have them in the next few years.


Before I list some of the benefits of 3D Virtual Reality Cloud meetings, let’s review the current paradigm of organizational meetings overall. Be they for department reviews, new policy announcements, product rollouts, sales goals, marketing promotions, education, training, or just plain orientations. Everybody who is required to attend has to wake up early so as to not be late. They might shower, eat, dress, take care of kids, pets, or elderly family members – and hopefully not be sick – and then rush to work to get a good parking spot. They drop off their coats, boots, briefcases and such at their office or cubicle and rush to the conference room where the meeting is going to be. And hopefully, they’re able to grab a cup of coffee or tea somewhere in all of that. Depending on the topic of the meeting, they are usually less than an hour long. Unless it’s for education, training, and orientations which will take longer. And, every step in this process carries certain costs to the company as well as the individuals involved.

Just listing all that goes into the current meetings paradigm made my blood pressure rise and my stress hormones shoot up! And I’m just one person and I rarely do that anymore. But by multiplying that across 10, 30, 50 people or more in just one meeting in just one company, the collective negativity is ominous. And we haven’t even listed the peccadillos, proclivities, and pet peeves of the various personalities each person adds to the mix. Stuff that will drive you mad-cow-crazy! And the direct costs, opportunity costs, and costs of interruptions to productivity are real and they don’t even account for attendees in different cities, states, time zones, and countries.

The costs to an organization, especially large ones, are staggering. And while I’m not a stereotypical tree-hugging, never kill an insect, anti-capitalism, Green New Deal, socialist, I do see many areas where we as a capitalist society can reduce our overall carbon footprint, increase our bottom lines, and add to our overall well-being and happiness. I don’t need to research and assign actual dollar amounts to these generalized costs because everyone can do Google, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple searches and get more than convincing numbers. But we all also know that maintenance and upkeep, gasoline, wear and tear to our vehicles, clothing, and health adds up. The rush-hour traffic jams, road rage, tempers, stress markers, and bad attitudes are all a recipe for ill health. And ill health is a major factor affecting the bottom line of an organization.

Now, extrapolate all of that into every business, every week, every city, every state in the country and we can see a mind-blowing footprint due to having a relatively simple meeting.

But what if we could all attend meetings regularly without the soul-sucking drawbacks involved? The new meetings paradigm.

Fortunately, newer and advancing technologies are now affordable and widely available. They include conference calls, webinars, live video conferencing, VR applications, online classes, etc. But more recently, EXP Realty, LLC introduced its own proprietary 3D Virtual Reality Cloud-based platform called VirBELA. It’s 100% in the Cloud and it’s available to everyone, everywhere at an excellent price.

And with each new application of the relatively same advancing technologies – at least meetings, education, training, and orientations are being lined up to reduce costs, increase revenues, and make for smoother, more efficient and more tolerable – maybe even enjoyable – workplaces.

Stay tuned for how 3D Virtual Reality Cloud-based technologies are making meetings fun again, and how the first 3 principles of real estate are being redefined!