Today, advertising, marketing, and even shopping venues have been replaced significantly by all things online. Younger business people grew up with the new, current applications of technology. Texting, robocalling, customer followup, email marketing, etc. have nearly completely replaced politer, and more respectful ways of doing business. And worse, public disclosure of your private financial and medical information through data-mining is maddening.

Elon Musk says that reducing battery technology to its First Principles has significantly lowered costs and increased efficiency simultaneously. That’s what made him a leader in battery technology worldwide. So, why not engage the First Principles of real estate?

One such principle is to be genuine and personal with every lead, customer, and past client. Applying the book How to Win Friends and Influence People is all you really need for that. And I say that unless you’re selling more than 50 or 60 homes per year, you are NOT too busy to personalize every aspect of your business to every single person you work with.

Again, the First Principles of real estate begins with meeting in person, talking on the phone, sending hand-written cards, etc. as much as possible and asking lots of questions until the relationship evolves into a better idea for keeping in touch. Implementing the First Principles rule should prove to be the “elan vital” of your real estate business growth and help you stand out in 2020!

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